Venum Elite Boxing Shoes - Dark Camo

By Venum
SKU: VN03681 DKCM-10


The Venum Elite Boxing Shoes are the result of strategic research, development and collaboration between product engineers and boxing champions. Battle tested in training and live bouts, Venum fighters have had the privilege of experiencing the support, stability and grip of these boxing shoes. Venum's goal was not to offer just another boxing shoe, but the best product available on the market. The sole was one of the most intricate components to develop. While necessary to combine characteristics such as lightness, strength, stability and grip, it had to provide explosive support to allow a boxer to move very quickly in any direction. Including these dynamic qualities, this shoe offers great comfort and protection. The insole was designed to perfectly fit the plantar arch of the foot without being too bulky or uncomfortable. Despite being a shoe optimized for the attacker, they also allow the wearer to manage distance thanks to excellent lateral ankle support provided by its mid-cut silhouette. Defensive maneuvers are handled with ease. To maximize comfort, the honeycomb mesh enables the foot to breathe during the most intense workouts while being incredibly resistant and increasing longevity of the shoe. Although performance was at the heart of the design, style and design were certainly not forgotten.

  • Glossy PU patent leather, PU flex material, and honeycomb mesh
  • Rubber outsole increases grip, durability and stability
  • Optimized comfort with anatomically designed insole
  • Bonded insole to prevent slipping
  • Optimal lateral support
  • Unique cutting-edge design
  • Tested and approved by Venum athletes