Universal Nutrition Animal Juiced Aminos, 30 Servings - Loaded with BCAA and EAA

SKU: UNV-30658


Universal Nutrition's Animal Juiced Aminos is a powerful, versatile amino acid stack that is targeted and strategically enhanced for strength training athletes. What does it contain? Each jacked-up scoop of Juiced Aminos is loaded with instantized branch chained amino acids (BCAA) and essential amino acids (EAA), in addition to performance and recovery aminos and key patented aminos. This powerful formula is rounded out by a mixture of additional performance and recovery-based amino acids, called the Juiced AA Performance Blend. These ergogenic amino acids, along with the BCAA and EAA, help to not only maximize gym performance but also promote recovery at the same time.

  • Contains BCAA, EAA and other extremely beneficial performance-based and ergogenic aminos
  • Maximizes gym performance
  • Promotes recovery
  • Ideal for hard training athletes and bodybuilders
  • 30 servings
  • Can be used pre-, intra-, post-workout or even sipped on over the course of the day to allow for the steady intake of critical anabolic nutrients.

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