TOAKS Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove STV-01

SKU: TOK00525

Compact, lightweight and strong, the TOAKS Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove is designed for long-distance hikers and ultralight backpackers. Its siphon effect allows the stove to be highly efficient. Easy to light and quick to bloom, the vaporized steam travels up between the stove's double walls and exits through small holes on the top edge, boosting heating efficiency.

Why Titanium Cookware?
  • Ultralight, strong, and durable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Leaves no metallic smell or taste
  • Most effective material for outdoor gear

  • Material: Titanium (Grade 1 or 2, no coating)
  • Fuel Type: Liquid
  • Fuel: Alcohol
  • Weight: 0.7 oz.
  • Capacity: 2.7 fluid oz.
  • Consumes 1 oz.. (30ml) of alcohol for 11 min. 30 sec. burn time
  • Can boil 2 cups (475ml) water (starting temperature 80 degrees F) in 5 min. 30 sec.