Title Boxing WBC Pro Fight Leather Lace Up Gloves - Black/Green



The Title Boxing WBC Pro Fight Leather Gloves are perfect for any fighter who has coveted that distinctive green belt! These gloves will help you keep your goal in mind and your eyes on the prize. They are built with an all-leather construction, multi-layered foam padding and quilted horsehair for the best performance possible. They also contain a unique padding structure that helps prevent separation and exposure of knuckles.

  • All-leather construction with quilted horsehair
  • Multi-layered foam padding
  • Unique structure helps prevent separation and exposure of knuckles
  • Has all appropriate labels to meet commission requirements (weight, round usage label and country of origin)
  • Approved by the World Boxing Council
Size Body Weight (lb)
8 oz. Up to 146 lbs
10 oz. 147 lbs and over

Please Note: 10X is recommended for heavyweight, super heavyweight, and users who need a larger hand compartment.

Customer Reviews

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Dominique Walker
Great buy good quality

I like mixing it up with the gloves, I already have a pair of Everlast MX gloves . I wanted another set of punchers gloves. I’ve been enjoying these gloves so far.