ThinOptics Mountain View Aviator Sunglasses with Aluminum Case



Polarized to eliminate glare, the ThinOptics Mountain View Sunglasses have that classic aviator look while providing maximum protection from harmful UV rays. The polarized lenses enhance vision by eliminating excess blue light and allow in 10-16% of the available light depending on the lens color. The lenses feature an anti-reflective back coat to prevent annoying back reflections to help you see better. The ultra-thin, felt-lined and super-durable brushed aluminum case with magnetic latch protects your sunglasses from bending and lenses from scratching while fitting in tight spaces.

  • Gold frames with Green Polarized lenses allow 16% light transmission
  • Gold frames with Brown Polarized lenses allow 11% light transmission
  • Black frames with Gray Flash Mirror Polarized lenses allow 10% light transmission
  • All lens colors block 100% of harmful UV rays
  • Includes brushed aluminum, felt-lined, 6mm thick case with magnetic closure