ThinOptics Armless Ultralight Readers with Stainless Steel Wallet


Color: Brown/Black

The ThinOptics Armless Ultralight Readers with Stainless Steel Wallet is a revolutionary advancement in the consolidation of your essentials, bringing together your credit cards, cash, identification, and reading glasses in a durable and compact case that’ll go everywhere with you. Made from brushed stainless steel with PVD coating for increased impact strength and excellent abrasion resistance, the ThinOptics Readers with Wallet looks great and securely holds everything you need.

  • Feather-light, grip with gentle pressure and can be moved up or down your nose for optimal fit and comfort
  • Made of shatterproof, thermo-injection molded, optical-grade polycarbonate
  • Under normal reading conditions the highly elastic bridge and grip-sensitive nose pads ensure a snug fit
  • The wallet is forged from stainless steel and is finished with a physical vapor distillation (PVD) coating that provides a sophisticated finish while enhancing impact strength and amplifying abrasion resistance
  • The tensile clip can hold up to four credit cards and three folded bills of cash