Steady Step Perform 8 Neoprene Ankle Stabilizer

SKU: BNM50051 S


Steady Step Perform 8 Neoprene Ankle Stabilizer is a patented ankle stabilizer which features a neoprene compression stocking coupled with non-elastic strapping that wraps in the figure 8. Perform 8 provides an easy to apply external stabilization similar to prophylactic ankle taping. A special design feature includes foam pads parallel to the Achilles tendon, providing protection and relieving posterior pressure. Effective treatment for chronic ankle sprains and weak ankles.

  • Provides compression for increased blood flow
  • Gives support to soft tissue
  • Wraps in a figure 8 configuration to provide ankle support
  • Provides non-restrictive comfort zone over extensor tendons in anterior area of ankle
  • Adjusts easily for maximum dorsiflexion of the foot
  • Pads parallel to the Achilles tendon prevent posterior pressure on the Achilles tendon and redistribute strap pressure
  • Hook fasteners with touch down pad assure continuous adhesion to the sock, lock strap at terminal end, make adjustment of strap quick and easy

  • Size Men's Shoe Size (US) Women's Shoe Size (US)
    Small 5-7 6-8
    Medium 7-9 8-10
    Large 9-11 10-12
    X-Large 11-13 12-15