SOVA Max Night Guard 2.4mm Adult Mouthguard with Case - Snow White

SKU: SS00534

Tough grinders need even tougher protection, and that's where the SOVA Max Night Guard Mouthguard comes in! At 2.4 mm thin, the SOVA Max Night Guard offers the most protection of any SOVA Night Guard yet and is 30% thinner than conventional EVA night grinding guards. This mouthguard allows you to talk, breathe and drink while wearing. Offering customized comfort, it is an economical alternative to a custom lab night guard for dental patients who are uninsured, or when insurance won't cover a second guard. It is also an ideal solution for dental patients who cannot open their mouth wide for impressions due to acute pain.

  • 2.4mm thin
  • Remoldable; No Impressions
  • Custom comfort in minutes
  • BPA, Latex, Phthalate and PVC Free
  • Allows natural flow of air and saliva
  • Talk, breathe and drink while in place
  • Immediate solution for bruxism relief
  • Works with ortho appliances
  • Can be used on the top or bottom teeth