Soft Stride Bone Spur Pain Relief Pads

SKU: BNM71301 S


The Soft Stride Bone Spur Pain Relief Pads reduces pain in the heel. Outer ring absorbs shock while inner circle provides an area to gently accommodate injury by containing soft tissue around heel. Relieves pressure on bone spur or in sensitive area of heel. Can help relieve lower back fatigue, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and general heel discomfort.

  • Viscoelastic polymer mimics the qualities of soft body tissue
  • Provides redistribution of pressure and attenuates impact
  • Provides pain relief
  • Contain existing soft tissue around calcaneus
  • Relieve direct pressure in heel spur, bruised and sensitive area

Size Men's Shoe Size (US) Women's Shoe Size (US)
Small 4-6 5-7
Medium 6.5-10.5 7.5-11.5
Large 11+ 12+