Sling Shot Hip Circle Resistance Band by Mark Bell - Purple

SKU: SLG53898 PR-M


Warm up effectively and help prevent injury with the Sling Shot Hip Circle. It's the most effective glute band and tool to help you achieve the best warm up possible. Warming up plays a major role in getting a better, more efficient, and an injury-free workout. The Hip Circle activates the smaller muscle groups in your tough-to-target hips and glutes fixing any imbalances while also activating the major muscles groups. The added resistance that the Hip Circle provides gives your workouts that extra kick it needed to strengthen, tone and build muscle. You can use the Hip Circle for squats, deadlifts, hip thrusters, leg kickbacks, yoga, and much more. You're bound to tone and build muscle when you incorporate the Hip Circle into your workouts. It's also made of premium, quality material that stays put and is durable and comfortable to use!

  • Ultra comfort and durability
  • Level 2 resistance: ideal for activating your glutes and entire lower body
  • Great for dynamic warm ups
  • Cues athletes to force knees out while squatting and deadlifting
  • Achieve a more effective workout
  • Premium quality band that will not snap, roll, or pull on your skin
  • Designed for beginners and all the way up to professional athletes

Size Bodyweight (lbs)
Medium Under 150 lbs
Large 151 lbs to 260 lbs
X-Large Over 260 lbs