Sling Shot Gangsta Flex Wrist Wraps by Mark Bell



The Sling Shot Gangsta Flex Wrist Wraps utilize the same stiff and durable material as the top selling Gangsta Wrist Wraps with a flex tab that allows you to get a tighter and more stable wrap. This flex tab allows for an extra revolution in the wrap to provide more support under the heaviest loads. This wrap, with over 3 years in the making, will provide ample reinforcement when needed and subtle support when desired.

  • Level 3 elastic engineered for competition
  • All variations are IPF/USAPL/USPA approved
  • Stretchy flex tab provides a tighter, more strable wrap
  • Thumb loop sewn flat to the end of wrap for use in multiple locations
  • May be used for support or compression
  • Available in lengths 22" and 36" (from end to end)
  • Sold as a pair