Rival Boxing Training Maize Bag - Black



Originally made from small burlap sacks filled with dried corn, Maize Bags are some of the oldest pieces of boxing equipment around, providing unique training benefits. Compact and easy to mount, the Rival Boxing Maize Bag allows you to improve your speed, power, punching accuracy and upper body movement. For the best training experience, it is recommended to use dried chickpeas as a filler. Alternatively, you can also use rice, shredded fabric, plastic beads, and dried corn. Adjust the amount of filler material to achieve your preferred weight and density.

  • High quality microfiber PU
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Foam padding
  • Low noise level during use
  • Available in 14" W x 20" H or 10" W x 15" H
How To Fill Maize Bag
  • Place nylon bag inside of Maize bag. Pour desired amount of chickpeas into bag (amount used depends on desired density of the bag). Close nylon bag and Maize bag.