RIVAL Boxing RS4 2.0 Aero Hook and Loop Sparring Gloves

SKU: RV15728 BK-12OZ-1

Color: Black

Introducing the next generation of the RIVAL Boxing RS4 Aero Sparring Gloves. With a completely re-engineered, re-designed construction, the RIVAL Boxing RS4 2.0 Aero Sparring Gloves are now manufactured with a super resistant microfiber and an improved low density foam inner padding for undeniable comfort and a snug fit. The new re-engineering allows you to make that perfect fist inside the glove. Add to that the newly designed RIVAL Wrist Bolt to maximize wrist support as well as the improved hook and loop strap to keep the glove snug and secure. With its over-sized, super-soft padding and improved wrist support, the RS4 2.0 is not only designed to protect your hands, but your sparring partner as well for countless rounds of great sparring. These gloves are the perfect choice for the beginner, intermediate and advanced boxers, and most importantly the recreational boxer who wants the thrill of sparring with limited impact.

  • Made of Super Resistant Microfiber
  • Multi-Layered Low Density Foam Padding
  • RIVAL Wrist Bolt
  • Soft, Foamy Cloth Inner Lining
  • Printed RIVAL Graphics
  • RIVAL Silicon Patch on the Strap

Customer Reviews

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Arslan - Rival Buyer
Great protection.

Great protection. When doing bjj it's important to heal fingers sometimes, and not make it worse with muay thai. fairtex don't help, these do

Roy S. - Rival Buyer
Super achat!

Super achat!

Eric S. - Rival Buyer

Def buy again. Great feel and quality.

Matthew M. - Rival Buyer
Fits great and perfect for

Fits great and perfect for impact :muscle::skin-tone-5::muscle::skin-tone-5:

Roberto P. - Rival Buyer
Good padding

Little big for 14oz