Rival Boxing RFX-Guerrero-V HDE-F Hook and Loop Bag Gloves


Color: Gray/Gold

One of the most power-transmitting gloves on the market today, the Rival Boxing RFX-Guerrero-V HDE-F Bag Gloves offer a great fit with a firm, solid feel. Endorsed by some of boxing's best, it has been carefully adapted for bag use and features Rival's innovative hook and loop V-strap for a secure fit. Handcrafted using only the finest cowhide leather, the HDE-F version of the RFX-Guerrero-V Bag Glove is padded with a unique combination of layered foam and laminated with a high-density EVA, giving them a stiff, firmer feel with emphasis on power and hand protection. You are sure to love the comfortable fit, protection, and transmission of power that this glove provides while you train on the bag or pads.

  • Multi-layered inner foam padding (HDE-F)
  • Premium quality leather
  • Great fit with a firm, solid feel
  • Rival's V-Strap Wrist Lock 2 System
  • Printed and embroidered Rival graphics

Size Boxer's Weight (lb)
8 oz. Up to 147 lbs
10 oz. Over 147 lbs

Please Note: These bag gloves must never be used for sparring or hitting another person. They are designed specifically for bag and punch mitt use only. The layered foam padding used in the construction of these bag gloves are of a hard, high density nature not intended for sparring.