RIVAL Boxing RFX-Guerrero HDE-F Pro Fight Lace-Up Boxing Gloves

SKU: RV67195 BK-8OZ-1

Color: Black

The RIVAL Boxing RFX Guerrero HDE-F Pro Fight Lace-Up Leather Boxing Gloves is a cutting-edge, sleek-styled Pro Fight Glove with a great fit and the RIVAL patented 15 degree angled lace-track. This is definitely what the industry refers to as a "punchers glove.” RIVAL has taken the liberty of laminating the leather with two different types of foam in order to offer you that much more protection for your hands and to give the glove the strength and stability required for 12-round championship fights.

  • RIVAL patented 15 degree angled lace-track
  • Laminated with a high density EVA
  • Stiffer, firmer feel with an accent on power and protection
  • Two different types of foam offers more protection for your hands
  • Ultimate strength and stability

Customer Reviews

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Tasneem H. - Rival Buyer
Great Gloves

Great hand protection

Genesis - Rival Buyer
These gloves are awesome.

These gloves are awesome. Great quality and craftsmanship. May need to get another pair after I beat this up

Jordon E. - Rival Buyer
14 oz training Guerrero

Gloves are great. I only wish you guys mad that type of glove in a training glove like 12-16 oz. I would have rather got that exact glove in a 14 oz for hitting the bag or sparring. These gloves are great for pad work but I don't want to wear them out on the heavy bag. Think of me if you ever make these in 14 oz and send me a pair. :) thank you very much!

Curtis C. - Rival Buyer
These gloves were a Xmas

These gloves were a Xmas Gift

Chantal N. - Rival Buyer
Super beau produit .Trés satisfait.

Super beau produit .Trés satisfait.