RIVAL Boxing RB60 Workout Hook and Loop Bag Gloves 2.0 - Black



The RIVAL Boxing RB60 Workout Hook and Loop Bag Gloves 2.0 are the ideal introductory glove for those who are new to the boxing world. Newly revamped with a fresh look, upgraded materials, and an improved fit, this multi-layered foam padded glove offers the perfect combination of protection, comfort, and power transmission. It is also constructed with premium synthetic leather that is unique to the 60 Series.

  • Made of premium synthetic leather
  • Breathable mesh on the palm
  • Soft, foamy cloth inner lining
  • Multi-layered foam padding
  • Pre-formed pro fit
  • Printed RIVAL graphics and embossed RIVAL patch
Please Note: These bag gloves must never be used for sparring or hitting another person. They are designed specifically for bag and punch mitt use only. The layered foam padding used in the construction of these bag gloves are of a hard, high density nature not intended for sparring.

Size Body Weight (lbs) Hand Circumference (in)
Small Up to 135 lbs 8.5"
Medium 136 lbs to 154 lbs 9"
Large 155 lbs to 190 lbs 10"
X-Large Over 190 lbs 10.75"