Rival Boxing RB50 Intelli-Shock Compact Bag Gloves


Color: Black

The Rival Boxing RB50 Intelli-Shock Compact Bag Gloves have a redesigned look with a slick shape, improved fit, and the same care and attention to detail for maximum performance, protection and power transmission. In Rival's never-ending search to produce the perfect glove, the RB50 has been reinvented to provide a more ergonomic feel. Redesigned and reengineered, this glove is enhanced with D3O Intelli-Shock Absorption Technology, which offers optimal protection to your hands and power transmission to your punches. The hand compartment has also been redesigned to place your hand in the perfect punching position. After being put through a battery of tests by world class professional boxers in the most rigorous conditions, the RB50 has exceeded expectations with flying colors. Whether you are a first-time boxer or a grizzled veteran, the RB50 is the perfect combination of protection, comfort and power.

  • Made from genuine cowhide leather
  • D3O Intelli-Shock Absorption Technology
  • Multi-layered foam padding
  • Rival's ergo strap system
  • Breathable mesh on the palm
  • Soft, foamy cloth inner lining
  • Printed and embroidered Rival graphics
Please Note: You may receive either a glossy or matte version of these gloves depending on availability.

Size Body Weight (lbs) Hand Circumference (in)
Small Up to 135 lbs Maximum 8.5"
Medium 135 to 154 lbs Maximum 9"
Large 160 to 190 lbs Maximum 10"
X-Large Over 200 lbs Maximum 10.75"

These bag gloves must never be used for sparring or hitting another person. They are designed specifically for bag and punch mitt use only. The layered foam padding used in the construction of these bag gloves are of a hard, high density nature not intended for sparring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Vladimir - Rival Buyer
So far so good..tried it on fit good

So far so good..tried it on fit good and comfortable..will see how long it lasts

Malik H. - Rival Buyer
One word


Annalise B. - Rival Buyer
Light and secure

I like how they feel around my hands and they�Are great for bag and mitt work.

Francois C. - Rival Buyer


Aidan - Rival Buyer
Responsive and heavy duty

The gloves feel responsive when you hit the bag because of the intelli shock interior, but also do a good job at protecting your hands. They work both as a precision tool and you can incorporate power shots as well. They are also very comfortable on the inside and pretty lightweight.
Would recommend!