Rival Boxing RB5 Hook and Loop Leather Training Bag Mitts


Color: Blue

The Rival Boxing RB5 Bag Mitts are a step back to a time when a glove was designed to promote both accuracy and correct punching techniques, as well as strengthening your hands. The Rival RB5 Bag Mitts give you that bare fist, power punching feel along with zero-resistance, high impact training designed to trigger your fast twitch muscles. These Rival mitts are perfect for anyone looking to improve their technique and strength.

  • Ultra-thin EVA padding for the Ergo Lite System
  • Constructed of premium quality leather
  • Hook and loop wrist strap system
  • Rival woven label on strap
  • Printed Rival graphics

Size Body Weight (lbs) Hand Circumference (in)
Small Up to 135 lbs Max 8.75"
Medium 135 lbs to 154 lbs Max 9.75"
Large 160 lbs to 190 lbs Max 10.25"
X-Large Over 200 lbs Max 11"

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Noel M. - Rival Buyer
Bag Mitts

The old time greats had it and there's a reason why. These mitts will strengthen your fists and improve your technique.
It's essential in your training. Love them.

Jose A. - Rival Buyer
Best for what they were intended for

These gloves are my new favorite I first tried the Guerrero bag glove in 10 ounce they really helped me learn how to punch properly I used to allways have hand pain that being said I needed to learn to hit right so these bag glove just made it even better for me I can feel everything in the rb5s bag glove they will force u punch correctly further helping me to have proper technique while punching get these glove if you are serious into combat sports or boxing they will change u game (be patient) and you will see

Julio H. - Rival Buyer
RB5 bag mitts

Great gloves and great quality. Will only recommend these gloves to intermediate or advanced boxers. :muscle::skin-tone-3::boxing_glove:

Allan L. - Rival Buyer
Old School Rules !

I'm loving these old schools bag mitts !

Peter Seay
Bag mitts

Love them!
My go to mitt for the heavy bag, light and durable:+1: