Rival Boxing Bob and Weave Training Aid - Black


The Rival Boxing Bob and Weave Training Aid is an excellent accessory for your heavy bag workouts. Perfect not only for your punching and offensive skills, but your defensive bob and weave skills at the same time. Easy to install on almost any heavy bag, you can combine 2, 3, or 4 at the same time on the same bag. This training aid helps imitate the arms or a punch thrown at you from an opponent. It is excellent for practicing your defensive and counter-punching skills by forcing you to move your head to get under the stick. This heavy bag accessory will also improve your "get on the inside" game by using the stick length to work near your target and improve your in-fighting skills. Covered with a high-end PU finish, a plastic shield at the base, and PVC tubing, this durable, commercial quality accessory is a great addition to your heavy bag workouts.

  • Exterior made of durable PU leather
  • Made of two separate parts: base and stick
  • Base is built with a padded curved plastic shield
  • Stick is made of PVC tubing wrapped with padding
  • Solid metal fittings to attach the two parts together
  • Two individually adjustable nylon webbing straps
  • Metal loops for strap adjustments
  • Padded covers on the straps adjustment buckles
  • Fit on almost all heavy bag sizes
  • Can be combined with 1, 2, or 3 other Rival Bob and Weave on one bag
  • Stick: 28" length, 3" width, 9" circumference
  • Base: 12" width, 10" height
  • Straps: 3" width, 72" length

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rae S. - Rival Buyer

Solid construction. Great tool

Isaac F. - Rival Buyer
Great product

Great product

Paul A. - Rival Buyer
Great product!

This is a great addition to your heavy bag routine. Definitely helps with head movement, blocking and slipping!

Bik S. - Rival Buyer
Solid product

Solid product

Nezar S. - Rival Buyer
Excellent product

Excellent product