Mueller Sports Medicine All-Purpose Athletic Taping Kit

By Mueller
SKU: MSM430645

The Mueller Sports Medicine All-Purpose Athletic Taping Kit features 3 rolls of athletic tape, one roll of foam pre-wrap, one roll of elastic tape, and one cutter. High quality MTape conforms and provides firm support to ankles, wrists, and hands. MTape can also be used on equipment such as baseball, bats, or hockey sticks. Polyurethane Foam MWrap protects your skin from athletic tape. MWrap is also great for holding pads or socks in place and as a protective wrap while wearing hiking boots, ski boots, and other footwear.

  • Includes 3 rolls of MTape Athletic Tape (1.5" x 12.5 yards), 1 roll of MWrap Foam Pre-Wrap (2.75" x 21.5 yards), 1 roll of Tear-Light Tape Elastic Tape (1" x 5 yards), and 1 cutter
  • MTape provides firm support and compression
  • MWrap helps protect your skin from irritation
  • Tear-Light Tape is ideal for hard-to-tape areas (fingers, hands, wrists)
  • Tape cutter makes tape removal safe and easy
  • Please Note: This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.