Monkey Tape 4-Pack (0.2”, 0.3”, 0.4”, or 0.5”) x 15yds Premium Jiu Jitsu Sports Athletic Finger Tape - for BJJ, Grappling, Crossfit, MMA, & Judo


Color: Black

The Monkey Tape Premium Sports Tape features a 4-roll pack of 0.2" athletic tape in varying colors to choose from. Monkey Tape sought out to provide athletes with tape that would be supportive and not constantly fall off during training. Monkey Tape supports and protects joints from soreness and injuries. Train longer and harder with Monkey Tape.

  • Available in tan, white, black or pink
  • Provides ultimate grip for BJJ athletes
  • Protects joints from soreness and injuries
  • Allows you to train harder, longer
  • 4-roll pack of 0.2" athletic tape