McNett Tactical Camo Form Protective Snow Fabric Tape

SKU: MCN197013

Camo Form by McNett Tactical is a self-adhering, camouflage wrap that is removable and reusable. Use it on tactical gear, scopes, tree stands, flashlights - whatever you re taking into the field.

  • Heavy-Duty stretch fabric wrap clings to itself while wrapping and conforming to any shape
  • Protects equipment from field scratches
  • Insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces
  • Easy to cut for many shapes and sizes
  • 2" x 144" roll
  • Quiets clanking objects
  • Conceals guns and camouflage gear
  • Adds extra grip
  • Washable and reusable for multiple use
  • Camo Wrap will not leave a sticky residue when removed
  • Washing instructions printed on the back of the packaging