Lifeline USA TNT Resistance Cable System


The Lifeline USA TNT Resistance Cable System will get you results fast. The cable system is designed to target your muscles throughout your entire movement. The system fits all standard Lifeline cables, so customizing your workout is easier than ever.
    What does it include?
    • Three 5 ft. cables
    • Two 3-in-1 ergonomically designed Triple Grip handles
    • One door attachment
    • One instructional DVD with brochure by fitness expert Jon Hinds
    • Durable latex rubber prevents breakage
    • Band stretches to create constant tension
    • Durable, hard plastic construction
    • Plugged ends for secure fit
    • Non-wear cable cradle reduces cable friction
    • Plastic anchor protects door and molding
    • Oversized pocket fits three cables
    • Target muscles throughout entire movement
    • Controlled load great for injury rehab
    • Lightweight alternative to free weights and machines
    • Mounts most places for portable workout
    • Flexibility provides wide range of motion
    • Interchange cables to customize resistance motion
    • 5' bands to accommodate a range of exercises
    • Diversify workout with lateral, back, and side exercises
    • Anchor for exercise variety
    • Self-centering cable cradle protects cables
    • Attaches to door sides and tops to change angle of resistance
    • Achieve full range of motion with rotating grip
    • Perfectly fits all Lifeline resistance cables

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