Lifeline USA Fitness Pro Grip Ring - Light Resistance - Multicolor


Rehab injuries, relieve stress and build strength with the Lifeline USA Fitness Pro Grip Ring (Light Resistance). Make sure hand and forearm weakness does not limit your upper body resistance training with this hand grip exerciser. Continual squeezing of the silicone ring stimulates blood flow and improves dexterity for strong grip and control needed to avoid cramps and repetitive stress injuries, as well as help with symptoms of arthritis and tendinitis.

  • Light resistance hand grip exerciser
  • Rehab injuries, avoid cramps and relieve stress
  • Build hand, finger and forearm strength
  • Continual squeezing stimulates blood flow to improve dexterity and control
  • Prevent stiffness in joints and improve muscle endurance
  • Helps with symptoms of arthritis and tendinitis
  • Silicone material is flexible and durable for everyday use