Hogue S&W Centennial J-Frame Round Butt Polymer Bodyguard 38 Rubber Tamer Grip

By Hogue
SKU: HOG60020


When you purchase a Hogue product you are carrying a piece of family history. Hogue products are designed from the ground up to enhance your sporting experience. The brightest ideas, finest materials and the world's best manufacturing practices are united under the Hogue name. They are proud to be the first choice of law enforcement, handgun manufacturers, competitive shooters and firearm enthusiasts worldwide for products that reflect passion, history and commitment to bringing you a full range of products created to enhance your sporting experience for years to come.

  • Precision fit for Smith and Wesson Centennial J-Frame and M&P Bodyguard 38
  • Material: OverMolded Rubber Tamer
  • Texture: Cobblestone
  • High quality and durable
  • Comfortable feel
  • Available in multiple colors