Harbinger Weight Lifting Grips

SKU: HB20220


Harbinger Weight Lifting Grips are a versatile accessory that works as an all-in-one palm protector, wrist support, and lifting strap. Made from genuine Durahide leather with black neoprene stretch padding, Harbinger's Weight Lifting Grips can be worn flat against the palms or wrapped around the bar and under the hand like a leather hook lifting strap. With either approach, the padding conforms to the bar for a secure grip while helping to prevent blisters and calluses. Meanwhile, an adjustable, heavy-duty nylon strap and patented NeoTek pad keep the wrists well cushioned and supported. Harbinger's "un-glove" design helps the Lifting Grips offer a better range of motion for the fingers, and an easy release on/off buckle makes them simpler to remove after a workout.

  • This 2-in-1 training tool includes a palm protector and lifting strap
  • Lay it flat for palm protection or wrap it around the bar
  • The patent pending BioForm pad forms to knurling and secures grip on the bar
  • The exclusive SpiderGrip Durahide leather prevents calluses and blisters
  • Heavy duty nylon strap with NeoTek pad and steel buckle provides strong wrist support
  • The un-glove design provides full finger range of motion
  • Equipped with an easy release on/off buckle
  • Sold in pairs