Gear Aid No-Sew Replacement Tri-Glides

SKU: MCN02306 1IN


Use Gear Aid's lightweight replacement Tri-Glides as adjustors for webbing and straps or to lengthen or shorten straps and webbing reach. Don't let a broken tri-glide get you out of sorts, instead keep webbing in line with the Tri-Glides, one of many no-sew replacement parts for packs and gear from Gear Aid. Combat broken tri-glides on packs and gear so you don't have to stop the adventure.

  • Convenient: Replace missing or broken tri-glides without sewing
  • Multipurpose: Attach to gear to customize and add usability
  • Sizes: 1" and 1.5"
  • Includes two tri-glides
  • Made in the USA