Gear Aid Dual Adjust No-Sew Replacement Buckle

SKU: MCN03457 5/8IN


Adjust buckle tension left or right without a fight with Gear Aid's Dual Adjust Buckle! A broken buckle doesn't mean the end of your favorite piece of outdoor gear. Replace buckles quickly and easily with the Dual Adjust Buckle by Gear Aid. Manufactured from high-quality materials, the Dual Adjust Buckle offers a no sew replacement for standard side release buckles. Available in 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1.5", and 2" sizes, the Dual Adjust Buckle can be tensioned from either side. Keep your gear going as long as you with the Dual Adjust Buckle by Gear Aid.

  • Quickly snap into place to replace any dual-adjust buckle on gear
  • Convenient: No sew buckle allows for tension adjustments on either side of the buckle
  • Please measure your webbing to ensure you are using the correct size buckle. Sizes: 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1.5", and 2"
  • Includes: One side-release, dual-adjust buckle
  • Instructions: Take off old buckle and install new one. Make sure the new buckle is snapped together to ensure you are not installing upside down. Slide webbing up through the ladder lock.
  • Made in USA