Fighting Sports Tri-tech Body Protector


  • Incredible design offers superior coverage and impact resistance for both the trainer and athlete
  • Unique anatomically curved design with molded "rib" insets provides excellent freedom of movement for full contact training and sparring
  • Exclusive Fighting Sports Tri-Tech® design and incorporation is infused with more than 2.5" of three precision placed inner foams - K-329 Sponge Comfort Foam, BL05S High Density Impact Absorbing Foam and S-2 Latex Low Density Protection Foam -which creates the most comfortable, impact resistant durable design in the world
  • The design has a special oval "air chamber" in the inside front to create a lighter weight, fully resistant protector
  • Complete with two adjustable hook-and-loop rear straps and two shoulder straps for a custom fit for any user
  • Moisture wicking inside liner helps athlete and trainer stay cool during workouts