Exotac titanLIGHT Wick Replacement 2-Pack - White

By Exotac
SKU: EXO005535

The Exotac titanLIGHT Wick Replacement 2-Pack feature 2 replacement wicks for your titanLIGHT. The wick included with the titanLIGHT should last a very long time if maintained properly. When the wick looks worn or wispy simply pull more wick out from the top and trim with a sharp pair of scissors. If the wick binds, you may need to remove the fuel cap and the cotton to free the wick enough to pull through. Once you've achieved the proper length (top of the flameguard), fold the wick over between layers of cotton balls and replace the fuel cap. Replacing the wick requires patience and a sharp pair of scissors.

  • Remove the flame guard by pressing out the brass pin while holding the guard down
  • Remove cotton from inside body of lighter (use a few paper towels to absorb extra lighter fluid)
  • Pull old wick out; If necessary, clean wick hole with a cotton swab
  • Trim the end of the new wick at a 45 degree angle with a sharp pair of scissors
  • Wet the cut end of the wick with a small amount of water
  • While holding the cut end, pull on the opposite end of the wick to stretch it and reduce its cross-section
  • Insert new wick from the outside through the top of the lighter while being careful not to fray it
  • After wick is started into the hole, slowly guide it in in very small increments, always supporting the wick with your fingers as it enters the hole; If it does fray, trim wick and start over
  • Once you can see the wick inside the fuel cavity, grab it with a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers and pull it through; Leave approximately 1" protruding from the top of the titanLIGHT to be trimmed later
  • When replacing the cotton, fold the wick over into the cotton to create layers until you get to the opening of the fuel cavity to maximize the wick surface area on the cotton so it can absorb fuel