Exotac titanLIGHT Flint Kit - Black

By Exotac
SKU: EXO005525

Fresh flints will ensure the titanLIGHT is always ready to use. The extra flints can be stored on top of the cotton in the fuel cavity within the lighter. Flints are easy to replace. Simply hold the titanLIGHT upside down with the cap off so the wick is pointing towards the floor. Lightly squeeze the ends of the titanLIGHT so the flameguard won't pop off when removing the pin. Use your fingernail or a pointy object to press out the small end of the brass pin that holds the flameguard on. Once the pin is out slowly remove the flameguard from the body of the titanLIGHT. You should see the spring come out with the flameguard. The old flint is under the spring, in the flameguard. Pull the spring out from the flameguard and turn the flameguard upside down. The flint should fall out. If it doesn't, give it a few gentle taps on a soft surface. Place a new flint into the hole where the old flint and spring was. Place the spring into the hole against the flint. Place the flameguard back onto the body of the titanLIGHT and, without tools, press the brass pin back through to hold everything together. The first few flicks of the flint wheel will be more difficult than normal until the flint surface smooths out.

  • Ferrocerium flint works when wet
  • Up To 500 fire-starting strikes
  • Includes 5 replacement flints and 2 replacement O-rings
  • If the old flint gets stuck and is worn down sufficiently, you may place another flint behind it
  • If the old flint is too long, the spring will bind when attempting to assemble it back together