Enso Rings Classic Handcrafted Series Silicone Ring


Ring Size
Color: Deep Sea

The Enso Rings Classic Handcrafted Series Silicone Ring are made by hand in Utah, USA. No two rings from the Handcrafted series are exactly alike, making them a unique, stylish, and meaningful addition to your wardrobe. Made from durable silicone, you can run, climb, work, swim, cook, and shower without pausing life to take off a ring. Add to that the real risk of ring avulsion, degloving and amputation, these rings protect your precious moments and fingers.

  • Made by hand in Utah, USA
  • No two rings are exactly alike
  • Unique, flexible design for ultra-comfort, even with swelling fingers and hands
  • Engineered with Anti-Ring Avulsion Technology to break away and protect your finger
  • Versatility is perfect for wearing at the gym, on the job, or outdoors
  • High quality materials set the standard for luxury silicone rings
  • Width: 6.6mm
  • Thickness: 1.75mm
Please Note: Enso Rings are made from silicone - a strong yet flexible material. If you fall in between two sizes, it is recommended that you order the smaller size.