DryGuy Travel Dry Portable Footwear Dryer - Orange

By DryGuy
SKU: IMP01072 OR

Warm your boots on the way up the mountain and dry them out on the way back with the DryGuy Travel Dry Portable Footwear Dryer. With thermal convection technology, Travel Dry removes wetness and warms your footwear in a fraction of the time. This is the perfect accessory for any trip into the outdoors.

  • The patented design slips in and out of your footwear easily
  • The Travel Dry fan is positioned in the toe of your boot or shoe
  • This fan pulls air over the DryGuy proprietary heat convector to circulate warm air into the toes of the footwear
  • Dries moisture from the inside out
  • Use at home or in the car
  • Easy to use and small enough to pack away in your gear bag
  • Great for multi-day trips
  • Includes one 120v adapter for your home
  • Also includes a 12v adapter to use in your vehicle
  • Will not damage footwear, boot liners or the footbed
  • Helps eliminate unpleasant odors and bacteria
  • Sold in pairs