Coghlan's Fire Lighters with Striker Box (20 Pack), Emergency Survival Starter

SKU: COG0150

Quickly and reliably light a fire without additional kindling or fuel with Coghlan's Fire Lighters. These handy, odorless fire lighters require no matches, paper, or kindling to get a fire started. Featuring a match form-factor, simply strike the Fire Lighter's head on the box like a match to ignite. Each Lighter burns for approximately 5 minutes. This package includes 20 Fire Sticks. Get yours today and be prepared on your next outdoor adventure.

  • Odorless fire lighters make lighting a fire quick, easy and clean
  • No matches, paper or kindling required
  • Burn time: 5 minutes
  • Package includes 20 fire sticks
  • Great for camping and outdoor activities