Cleto Reyes Hero Double Hook and Loop Training Boxing Gloves



The Cleto Reyes Hero Double Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves comes with shorter cuffs and ergonomic hand placement. These gloves are lighter and more comfortable than traditional boxing gloves. You can train with confidence knowing that your hands are secure. Wrist protection is provided by the double hook and loop strap. Whether you are training, sparring, or doing punchubg bag workouts, the Hero Double Loop Gloves provide maximum comfort and protection!

  • Repellent lining prevents the filling from getting wet and retains moisture
  • Double hook and loop closure allows a better fit and protection on your wrist
  • Ideal for sparring sessions due to foam absorbing the impact of blows
  • Can also be used for fitness development by people seeking to be fit and healthy
  • Innovative design with shorter cuffs makes the glove lighter and ergonomically positioned