Cleto Reyes Double-Double End Bag - USA


The Cleto Reyes Double-Double End Bag features well-defined details that help improve reflexes and strategy with each hit. It is designed to focus on coordination and precision with jab and hook punches. The proper air pressure for this double end bag is approximately 10 lbs. It requires two swivels and an elastic band for floor and ceiling mounting (sold separately). One extra bladder is included. Take a new challenge and improve your skills with the best double-double end bag on the market!

  • Handmade in Mexico with the highest quality leather and tough nylon lining
  • Provides long-lasting durability and the best punching absorbency
  • Suitable for MMA, fighting and boxing
  • Great for improving reaction, accuracy, agility and endurance
  • Ideal air pressure for best performance is 10 lbs.