Brain Pad LoPro+ Mouthguard - Clear


  • Protects both Upper & Lower teeth -– Can be trimmed for comfort
  • Secures, Stabilizes, Cushions the lower jaw with Dual Thermoplastic Design
  • Creates and - maintains at impact – A Protective TMJ / Brain Safety Space
  • Tested and Proven to reduce impact energy 40% to the base of skull and brain
  • Good model to Cover and Protect Upper & Lower Braces
  • Good for increased Free-Breathing – “ Clench! and Breathe! “
  • Multi-sport strap/strapless model– Includes strap
  • Improves/Recovers Performance and Strength - Promotes TMJ Healing
  • Includes Anti-Microbial hard storage Case with name label

Please Note: Case may vary depending on availability