Battle Sports Adult Camo Mouthguard 2-Pack with Straps


Color: Red
Get superior protection at a great value with the Battle Sports Adult Camo Mouthguard 2-Pack with Straps. This jaw and mouth impact defense system is battle tested and athlete approved with its "Ever-Mold Composite" and features a barricade to protect your lower teeth.

  • An advanced mouth protection system that rivals the safety and performance of custom-molded mouthguards
  • Made from a patent-pending "Ever-Mold Composite"
  • Designed to be re-boiled and re-molded multiple times for the ultimate fit
  • Compatible with braces
  • Designed for the perfect fit even after having your braces adjusted - simply re-boil and re-mold multiple times
  • Equipped with top and bottom jaw stabilization to minimize jaw motion on impact
  • The bottom teeth barricade protects your lower teeth
  • Air flow channels create maximum breathability
  • The "Easy-Clip" features a removable strap with an integrated safety release system
  • These mouthguards are convertible and can be used strapped or strapless
  • Includes two mouthguards with two straps