XS Sights R3D HK VP9 Optics Ready Suppressor/RMR Height Tritium Night Sight


XS Sights R3D Night Sights feature traditional 3-dot tritium, notch and post, sight picture. The tritium front sight comes equipped with our proprietary photoluminescent orange or green Glow Dot, which absorbs ambient light and glows in low light. The 2-dot tritium blacked-out rear illuminates, giving proper sight alignment while not outshining the front sight for accurate indexing. This design increases focus on the front sight by using a brighter tritium vial in the front and using the tritium's light to charge the Glow Dot slightly. This slight difference makes the front sight glow more brightly than the two tritium vials in the rear, keeping your focus downrange. XS R3D Tritium Night Sights are excellent notch and post sight pictures that will keep your front sight visible day or night.

  • Fits HK P30, 45, 45C, VP9 and HK VP9 Optics Ready Suppressor/RMR Height sights
  • Tritium powered front and rear sight
  • High-contrast colored front sight
  • Glow dot absorbs ambient light and glows in low light
  • Rear sight overhang reduces glare
  • Anti-reflective rear tritium lens
  • Rear sight ledge for one-handed slide manipulations
  • Durable CNC machined steel
  • Fits standard holster options
  • Suppressor/RMR height sights are compatible with the Trijicon RMR 7 SRO, the Holosun 507c series, and the Vortex Viper
  • R3D sights are easily installable by sight pusher tools or using a hammer and punch